Manikandan September 5, 2021

Axis Bank Launched Life Time Free Credit Card Now

Introduction :

A credit card is a thin rectangular piece of card. It is used to borrow
and purchase goods. Credit card is one of the most sought after items
in the world today. New credit cards are coming in every day. That
way you can see more about lifetime free credit in the post.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card:

Flipkart Axis Bank credit card is a lifetime free credit card provided
by Axis Bank in association with Flipkart Internet Pvt.Ltd for
customers. Flipkart Axis Bank credit card is completely free. This
card does not have any joining fees and annual fees. This is a lifetime
free credit card.

Benefits of this card:

1.Welcome benefit of Rs.2,500.
2.5% cashback on purchases made on Flipkart and Myntra app.
3.4% cashback on purchases on SWIGGY, PVR, Uber, and
TATA Sky apps.
4.1.5% cashback for fuel and online and offline purchases.
5.Four complimentary visits at domestic airports.


Who can get this card?

1.salaried persons:
Those earning monthly income of Rs.15,000 and above can apply for
this card.
Business or Independent earners and professionals earning Rs.30,000
and above can apply for this card.
Difference between one card and one card lite:

One card:

One card is a completely free card. There is no credit limit of over
30,000 available. But at present this card is not available.

One card lite (credit card):

Make a fixed deposit first for one card lite. This means that the card
will be available only if you make a deposit of Rs.10,000 in a fixed
deposit , you will get 9000 credit card.


How to apply For Axis BANK Life Time Free Credit Card?

You can apply through offline or online methods as well.
If you are a flipkart customers, you can go to the flipkart app and
You can go the official website of Axis Bank and apply for Flipkart
Axis Bank credit card.
You can go directly to the Axis Bank branch and get credit card
information from those who work there and apply.
The card will arrive at your registered address in 7 to 10 days after

Extra Benefits For Free Credit Card :

1.Fuel spends
2.Purchases of gift card on Flipkart, Myntra apps
3.EMI transactions
4.Purchases converted to EMI post facto.
5.Wallets transactions.
6.Purchases of gold things.
7.Cash advances
8.Payment of pending balances
9.Payment of card fees and other charges of cards.
Before applying for a Life time Free credit card look at the benefit of card and apply.
Get lots of cashback and bonuses


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