Manikandan September 12, 2021

Indian Bank Important Update News


In this post Indian bank issued an important announcement to its customers and gave them time to look at it in detail.
This means that Indian bank has informed its customers that the old cheque book will not be valid from October 1 and they will have to apply for the new cheque book.

This notification was sent via SMS to all Indian bank customers. Apply for a new cheque book immediately as Indian bank customers have only 20 days left. Immediately go to your nearest Indian bank branch and apply for the new cheque book or you can apply online.

Three ways of apply new cheque book:

1.Apply through Net Banking
2.Apply through Mobile Banking
3.Apply via customer care number

Indian bank customers apply immediately to the new cheque book you want to transfer money without any hassle.
Apply for the cheque book and you will receive the new cheque book within 7 to 10 days. So if you have not applied yet apply immediately. You will not be able to make any transactions with your old cheque book from October 1.

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