Manikandan September 12, 2021

The Number of passenger in bus has come down drastically in Tamilnadu



At one time people all sought bus travel greatly. But now the situation is changing. The number of passengers on the bus has dropped drastically. In this post we will see in detail about the change that came in the bus journey.
According to the correct survey, the number of bus passengers in 2021 will be much lower than in 2020. It cannot be said that corona was the only reason for the low number of passengers on the bus. But that too for a reason.

Two wheelers & four wheelers sales:

The main reason why people often do not like bus travel is the increase in two wheelers and four wheelers. Most people prefer to travel by car or bike because they have to wait to get on the bus but there is no need to wait on it.
As a result two wheeler and four wheeler sales are increasing day by day. At one time everyone had a bicycle at home. But now there is no house without a car or bike. Nowadays people prefer two wheelers and four wheelers as they are easily available in monthly installments.

Going to the office, store and another job people are not waiting for the bus. They use two wheeled vehicles.
Four wheeler holders do not seek a bus. They also use the four wheelers for long distance travel. But two wheeler owners use the bus for long distance travel.


The reason why people do not like government buses:

1. The routes are not correct.
2. Waiting for hours for the bus.
3. There are no bus stops in many towns.
4. Bus ticket rise.
5. Travelling by bus takes more time.
6. To walk to get to the right place.
7. Unable to go to work on time.
8. There is no bus on the routes that people want.
9. Two wheeler and four wheeler sales increase.

The number of passengers has dropped by millions as people do not like by transport.
According to the 2011-2012 census the number of beneficiaries has dropped from crore to lakh at present.


If this goes on, the condition of the bus traffic will worsen. It would better to make a new change in the field of bus transport like change in the railway sector. For example: Metro Railway Service. And change the functions according to the wishes of the people. This is likely to increase the number of passenger on the bus.

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