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Kotak Bank Dream Different Life time Free Credit card Full Benefits and charges details


In this post we will see about Kodak bank dream different life time credit card features and charges.

The best credit card offered by Kodak bank is life tine free credit card. You need to have a zero balance account to apply for this credit card.

Click on the below link to open a zero balance account.


You can apply for this card only if you deposit Rs.15,000 or more in this account. You can get 90% of the amount of money you deposit in this account as credit card limit.

After receiving the credit card, You can use your mobile application and make a withdrawal. When you get credit card you can withdrawal the money. This is best method for withdrawal your deposited money.

Kotak Bank Zero Balance Account Open Link :


Kodak mahendra bank benefits

  • Life time free
  • No joining fee
  • No annual fee
  • Bill payment through online or offline.
  • EMI facility.
  • You can transfer 90% of the money on this credit card through ATM.
  • There is no interest for 48 days on withdrawals from ATM machine.
  • If you pay Rs.5000 with this card within 45 days of receiving and activating this credit card, you will get 500 Bonus reward points.

  • If you spend Rs.75,000 within a year using this card you will get Rs.750 cash back and 4PVR ticket.
  • 2 reward points will be given for every Rs.100 you spend using this card.
  • In case loss of this card, the bank should be informed immediately. By doing so, you can make an insurance claim of up to Rs.50,000 if money is stolen from your card.
  • 5% to 15% cashback on products purchased on website like amazon and flipkart.
  • You can use this card to withdraw money from ATM for your urgent need.
  • If you are unable to pay the amount due on this credit card that month, you can pay 5% to 10% of the amount due and the remaining amount next year but interest will be charged on the amount.

Credit card interest rates

  • When purchasing items on EMI using this card, the interest rate is up to 2.99% per month.
  • Interest rate will be charged up to 35.88% per annum.

Credit card fees

  • If you use this card to withdraw money at an ATM or transfer money to a bank account, you will be charged Rs.439 for Rs.10,000.
  • Over limit charges Rs.500.
  • If this card in lost or broken Rs.100+ GST will be charged for issuing a new card.
  • If you book a train ticket at IRCTC using this card, you will be charged up to 1.8%.
  • If you pay for a train ticket using this card at the railway counter, you will be charged up to 2.5%.
  • If you pay for petrol at the petrol bunk using thus card, you will be charged up to 1%. (A maximum of Rs.3500 per month will be caught)
  • A fee of Rs.100 will be charged if the payment for this credit card is made directly to the bank.


Eligibility criteria

  • Must be between 17 to 75 years old.
  • Make a fixed deposit of at least Rs.15,000.
  • No need cibil score.

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